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Djembe Solo by Master Drummer: M'Bemba Bangoura

Short excerpt from M'Bemba's instructional DVD "Wamato", produced by Wula Drum.

Each Instructional DVD includes:

-The Breaks (starting and stopping signals)
-Three Djembe Accompaniments for each rhythm
-Dundun / Songba / Kenkeni parts for each rhythm
-Ensemble Demonstration (slow and fast tempos)
-Ensemble Demonstration w/ Solo (slow and fast tempos)
-History and cultural explanation of each rhythm Interview with M'bemba Bangoura
-Improvised Djembe solo by M'bemba Bangoura
-Improvised Djembe solo by Laurent Camara
-Improvised Balaphone solo by Famaro Dioubate
-Outtakes from the making of the DVD

To find your own Wula djembe, or to get a download or hard copy of the DVD, visit and go to CDs - DVDs - Downloads

Kassa Djembe Lesson (Beginner-Intermediate)

Fara's full lesson on the rhythm Kassa, one of the post popular rhythms in dance classes around the world!
Get the notation for this rhythm on my Patreon page:

Find over 400 videos taught by Fara at http://Djembe.Guru

djembe grooves and solos by Christian Dehugo (drummo)

In this video we show some djembe rhythms and phrasing. We go through basic reggae shuffle grooves, funky beats, afro cuban 6/8 feel and 12/8 african rhythms and end up with fast drum'n bass grooves.
En este video repasamos algunos ritmos y fraseos empleados en mùsica reggae, funk, 6/8 afro-cuban, ritmos africanos en12/8 y finalmente ritmos drum'n bass a tempos rápidos.




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