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"What is Critical Race Theory?" A Former Critical Theorist Answers (CRT Series: Episode 2)

This is Episode 2 in this series on Critical Race Theory. In this episode, Professor Randy Trahan will walk through the history of ideas as it relates to Critical Theory in general and Critical Race Theory in particular.

FREE SMALL GROUP RESOURCE: Discussion Guide for the whole series.

Episode One:\u0026t=663s
Episode Three:

Outline of Episode 2:
00:00 Introduction
2:14 The Roots of Critical Race Theory
3:08 Definition of Critical Theory in its early stages.
4:00 Neil Shenvi Definition (See Jon Harris assessment of Neil Shenvi--very helpful\u0026t=701s ).
6:40 The History of CRT tied to Marxism/Cultural Marxism
7:00 A Defense of using the Term "Cultural Marxism"
8:30 Marxist Theory of History
11:00 Lukas \u0026 Gramsci
11:25 Superstructure became the focus of Gramsci
12:10 Cultural Hegemony
15:30 The Frankfurt School
17:30 Liberation Theology
19:17 Critical Legal Studies
22:00 Critical Race Theory

*Books \u0026 Resources*:
Sovereign Nations:
Conversations that Matter:
AD Robles:
For the New Christian Intellectual:
Understanding Postmodernism: A Christian Perspective by Dew \u0026 Kelly:
Finding Truth by Nancy Pearcey
Truth Decay by Douglas Groothius
Introducing Critical Theory: A Graphic Guide by Sim \u0026 Van Loon
The Universe Next Door: A Worldview Catalog by James Sire
Philosophy \u0026 Philosophers (Zondervan Charts) by Craig Vincent Mitchell
Dictionary of Critical Theory by Ian Buchanan
Cultural Apologetics by Paul Gould

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Song Credit: Noxile Studios Demo 1 by Austin Woodard 2013

Thank you:
Jillian McNeely, my wife for encouraging me to do this project for the sake of the gospel
Randy Trahan, for being as bold as a lion, you truly are a descendant of Luther.
Lewis Richerson, fellow Pastor \u0026 mentor, who has supported \u0026 challenged me to think precisely in this area and has pushed me to be better.
Laramie Minga, a fellow Pastor who has edited my work and given me good feedback, as well as push me to be better.
Todd Whirley, for teaching me so much about video \u0026 audio
Larry McNeely, for giving me a love for cameras
Brandon Larsen, for pushing me to do this.
Jacob Smith, for prayers, encouragement, and support
Jon Harris, for your boldness, work, and resources
Michael O'Fallon, for your influence over my thinking in this area.

*Gear Used*
Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm STM Lens
Davis \u0026 Sanford FM18 Fluid Head 18 LB Cap -
Rode VideoMic GO Light Weight On-Camera Microphone
Rode NTG2 Multi-Powered Condenser Shotgun Microphone
LIGHTING - GVM 560 LED Video Light-
Ikan 12-inch Portable Teleprompter Kit (PT1200) - Black -
Canon Power Adapter -
Adobe Creative Cloud
MacBook Pro
SanDisk Ultra CZ48 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (SDCZ48-256G-U46)
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SennHeiser Head Phones
iPhone 11 Max Pro
iPhone Tripod
Real Deal Reds : Marx never would have used the phrase "Workers paradise"

"cultural Marxism" gives people the willies because the Nazis had their "cultural Bolshevism"

If looking at the world as oppressors and oppressed makes you a Marxist, then I guess Thomas Jefferson was a Marxist!

This stuff is not Communism. You're right about the "crisis of Marxism" in the West, but critical theory, eurocommunism, is not the only analysis of this among us. But, there's a reason the CIA propped up critical theorists and paid to publish their works.

Because they were scared of "orthodox" Marxism Leninism, which won prestige thanks to partisans and the Red Army during ww2, and the rapid pace of development in the USSR before, and the comintern's support globally for things like fighting Jim Crow. The CPUSA had a hand in building the CIO, the International Workers Order, and other major achievements that lead to the New Deal, which was a major threat to capitalist factions who didn't need workers to have stable, "middle class" lifestyle which freed us from being entirely dependent on them to survive by shunting economic and political power into our hands, interrupting the flow of profit by putting it into retirement funds, houses, roads, useless things like that.
Chris Phillips : So critical race theory is in essence racist gotcha
H F : Wtf is a final phase of history even supposed to be. Bsnsnnsjs. That sounds dooming not promising.
Norman Grimm : CRT is racism
Alex Green : I've been hearing CRT and people not wanting it. I'm doing research on why it's bad and why people don't want it. I don't know much about but I'm looking to learn about it. Thank you for the resources.

WATCH Parents EXPLODE Across the NATION Against CRT!!!

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Parents are exploding across the nation against school boards promoting CRT or critical race theory! We’re going to see for ourselves the rising of what we’re calling patriot parents across the country who love their children and their nation too much to give them both up to the pernicious and racist forces of cultural Marxism! Prepare to be inspired gang, you’re going to love it!
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Raven Rock : The one thing we have to worry about is that we will stop fighting before the fight is over. Those pushing CRT need to have the fight come to them on a personal level.
Brandon Virgin : All racism should be outlawed!
George Eslin : What is CRT
Jesse : It is good to see that parents are speaking out against Critical Race Theory, but there is not enough people who oppose it. CRT is here to stay. America will almost certainly become a communist country.
Rose Kisiel : If all parents pulled their kids from school districts that practice CRT, these districts would be out of business. 32 years in the school district and I will always support parents that protect and want the best for their kids.

Is C.R.T. (Critical Race Theory) Racist? An Introduction

Cedric and Brian explain why Critical Race Theory is NOT diversity training. It is Racism masquerading as something it is not. It is not Anti-Racism, it is REVERSE racism and much worse. Please Watch, Like and Share.

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You can also find Cedric and Brian:
The Battle For Ideas : CRT is the Marxist’s power grab to fundamentally change America into a socialist country. America please wake up.
Joseph Cornell : White women benefit the MOST from affirmative action....
Joseph Cornell : Do you all think it's just coincidence Puerto Ricans, Blacks and indigenous ppl are doing the worse in the US?
D'Angelo Keeling : I came here for facts not opinions and feelings damn.
jravage77 : People need to wake up and realize where we are as a country: Your children our being brainwashed in schools with this Socialist based racism and the government is sanctioning this. Everyone needs to act.




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